Consultant of Managing Director , Manager of Security AffairsH.Farahani[@]
Consultant of Managing Director , Manager of Managerial Services & Communications AffairsJ.JaamKhaneh[@]
Consultant of Managing Director , Deputy Managing Director in Human Resources Affairs-
Supervisor of Financial and Support AffairsSh.Salehemohammadzade[@]
Deputy Managing Director in legal & Recovery AffairsS.SHirali[@]
Deputy Managing Director in International AffairsGh.souri[@]
Supervisor of Deputy Managing Director in Investment & Companies AffairsA.Alikhani[@]
Supervisor of Deputy Managing Director in  Credit Affairs A.Yusefian[@]
Deputy Managing Director in Branches Affairs & MarketingR.Sedigh[@]
Manager of Branch in 1 DistrictE.Soleimanpour[@]
Manager of Branch in 6 DistrictK.Mortazavi[@]
Financial Affari ManagerA.Abdolahian[@]
Supervisor of Internal Audit & inspection Affairs ManagementAH.Beheshti[@]
Consultant of Managing Director and Supervisor of Services and Support AffarisM.Hoseini[@]
Manager of IT AffairsM.Aziziyan[@]
Manager of Legal & Recovery
Manager of Human ResourceH.Mardani[@]
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