Export Guarantee For Exporting Technical and Engineering Services

Necessary documents for obtaining  Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran authorization:

1- Competency Confirmation of management and planning organization including L/Gs limitation (about tender guarantee ) 
Address : No24,Ladan st, Molla Sadra st, sheikh Bahai st. phone : 804175-6
2- Competency confirmation of Export high council secretariate settled in Iran Export development center(about performance and advance payment guarantees ) including L/G limitation and total amount of contract .
Address : Chamran highway , International Exhibition Building , Iran Export Development Center. phone :21911
3- Completion of specification form of requested L/G in company’s letterhead with signature and company’s authorized stamp ( signature verifying is necessary )
4- Providing copy of tender documents ( about tender guarantees ) and contractor advising copy of reoffering job – sections related to contract specifications and form of payments (about performance bond and advance payment guarantees ) in two copies .
5- Bank’s credit committee confirmation.
6- Providing copies of company’s article of association and the latest changes of board members, authorized signatures and company’s capital in country’s official Journal.
7- Providing letter of undertaking by applicant stating that if payment amount of L/G to beneficiary comes into question, exporter will be obliged to provide L/G amount in FX or IR.R equivalent based on FX selling rate in day of demand.
8- Providing of securities as follows:
8-1- Letter of guarantee equivalent to USD ten million:
3 percent cash deposit and 97 percent promissory note.
8-2- Concerning excess equivalent USD 10 million to 50 million: 5 percent cash deposit and 95 percent promisory note.
9- Annually commission rate of issuing technical and engineering services L/Gs to USD 50 million, 0.5 percent and excess of it is 0.3 percent.
In case of issuing L/G by correspondence, the commission (IR.R equivalent ) are on applicant’s account .
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