Fx Current Account

The FX current account is a kind of Qarz-Ol-Hassanah deposit that the account holder can use from Bank services , by presenting an application or a FX cheque, personally or by the others.

For opening FX current account ,the applicant should hold Rial
( domestic ) current account with Bank Saderat Iran and should ask for opening FX current account , by providing minimum US$ 10,000 or its equivalent to other valid foreign currencies. The account will be opened after doing the administrative formalities and the acceptance of branch manager.

Note (1): The transportation companies and commercial attaché of foreign countries are not obliged to provide the minimum amount of us $10,000 .

Note (2): It is possible to open all kinds of accounts in foreign currencies as EUR,GBP,USD,JPY,CHF,AED,SAR,CAD and BHD .
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