CEO: BSI more dynamic than before in months ahead2018-02-17T20:30:00Z
Dr. Hojatolah Saydi, the ceo of Bank Saderat Iran believes that BSI will recover in terms of assets and liability management by the application of short term strategies in financial infrastructure of the bank. “The next month ahead before the Persian New solar year will prove how the company responds to the designed restructures” he said.
“The plans and related feasibility studies will further continue until visions are reached and the bank retains its lion share in the internal and international markets” he said in his recent visit to one of BSI regional offices.
Dr. Saydi expressed hope that BSI’s next financial year that starts in April will prove a promising financial future for the bank.
Recently, BSI proved highly determined to restore its international credit level to the place it had before the forced and unjust sanctions against BSI.
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