Anti Money Laundering Questionnaire

The operation of BSI’s Anti-Money Laundering Department has been started since April 17, 1999 following International Anti-Money Laundering Committee’s suggestion, aiming at more supervision over the branches.
The main objectives of this department are: Employing expert staff and requiring them to collect and record the information and reports of branches, using suitable software systems, taking due diligence to explore and report suspicious transactions and operations, and compiling the supervision and control standards and methods as well as required instructions to implement anti-money laundering law more efficiently in BSI.

BSI’s activities in this regard are:

1.    Holding anti-money laundering courses for the staff working in managing, executing and professional sections.
2.    Preparing and compiling anti-money laundering instruction of Bank Saderat Iran in four chapters involving 22 articles, in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Law enacted on January 22, 2007 by Islamic Consultative Assembly and its executive procedure enacted on December 5, 2009 by Supreme Council of Anti-Money Laundering; which was sent to the latter for revision and final acceptance.
3.    A thorough reinvestigation of suspicious operations reports during 2 sessions of anti-money laundering committee.
4.   Completing and using systematic software for filing suspicious operations reports, emphasized by international regulatory authorities for precise recording and statistical analysis of the same.
5.   Providing our branches with the information about Alghaedeh and Taliban-related groups and people by putting their names on BSI Intranet website to prevent doing any transaction with them.
6.    Supervising the proper execution of anti-money laundering rules and regulations by the inspectors and auditors of the bank.
7.   Attending the seminars and sessions held by Anti-Money Laundering Supreme Council (Financial Information Unit) and sending related personnel to pass relevant courses.
8.    Launching a system to be linked with the secretariat of Anti-Money Laundering Supreme Council through software for online systematic exchanging of data.
9.    Issuing emphatic announcements regarding exact observance of Know Your Customer (KYC) instruction as well as Article 44, executive procedure of Anti-Money Laundering Law related to the daily cash transfer limit between accounts.
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