Technical Sections of Int'l Division


Fx Accountant Department
1. Continuous studying and surveying of economical and financial changes as well as money incidents specially Fx fluctuation .
2. Recording buying and selling rate in sepehr system .
3. Analyzing position of currencies .
4. Carrying out negotiations with currency’s presenting Bank and performing buying and selling transactions .
5. Receiving and filing documents of Fx operations .
6. Providing financial Reports .
7. Forwarding T.R. information .
8. Controlling compliance of documents .

Foreign Department

1. Supervising the current affairs of overseas branches and taking required actions ( studying Annual Reports – Budget – Capital – Tariffs – Staff Affairs – advising changes , … )
2. Managing cash flow – exchange Resources considering the Relative risks and fluctuations .
3. Studying the economic changes and commercial exchange developments .
4. Negotiating with the foreign banks representative and Exchanging Economic and banking information to Improve correspondent relationship .
5. Studying possibility of establishing New Branch – representative office – financial company or corresponding relations in various parts of the world .
6. Recording Buying and selling Rate in system .
7. Obtaining training opportunities of staffs and planning required procedures in order to perform training courses for internal and external staffs to promote their up dated knowledge level .
8. Preparing annual Report in English .

Fx operational Department
1. Preparing and forwarding Export and import annual general regulations to local and overseas Branches .
2. Advising Fx instructions of CBI to local Branches , cooperation on staff training of Fx staffs and supervising their operation .
3. Preparing and formulating Fx transactions tariff of the bank .
4. Cooperating with other Bank’s organs in order to establish new Fx Branches .
5. Receiving of daily lists of clearance certificate , Fx selling lists and other statements to the CBI .
6. Exchange of foreign currencies .
7. Issuing of counter guaranties .
8. Checking finance and refinance projects .
9. Performing all affairs of import and exports letter of credit .

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