National projects in cooperation with BSI

Sugar Cane and Subsidiary Industries Development Company
This project was developed with the purpose of making the country self-sufficient in sugar and providing part of the country’s industrial and nutritional requirements with the following units:
1.    Seven units for the sugar cane industry covering 84,000 hectares of farmland (each unit 12,000 hectares) for producing 7 million tons of sugar.
2.    Seven 100,000-ton units for producing raw sugar.
3.    Four 175,000-ton factories for refining sugar (producing white refined sugar).
4.    Seven 100,000-ton units for producing livestock food.
5.    One 100,000-ton unit for industrial boards.
6.    One 30,000-square meter unit for alcohol.
7.    One 10,000-ton unit for leavens.
8.    Four units for producing paper.

Heiran Tourist Centre
The aim of this project is building a cable car between Fandoghloo (Ardebil province) and Heiran (Gilan province) plus restaurant, coffee shop and parking lot.

Zabol Cement Industry
The project aims to produce 1 million tons of gray cement per annum in Zabol from
Sistan & Baluchistan province. The syndicated project was funded by Bank Saderat Iran, Industries and Mines Bank, and Bank Mellat.

Perlit Asia Casting Industry
The project was developed to establish parts -casting unit (mostly autos) with the annual capacity of 40,000 tons in Saveh which doubled compared with the previous year.

Abyek Cement
Located in Abyek, Qazvin, the project aims at reconstructing some parts of factory equipment to help continue its activity and increase its 16,500-ton capacity per day. The factory can produce gray cement, Portland types1, 2, and 5 and Grouting.

Yazd Industrial and Construction Steel Roll
The project produces low alloy steel plate with the capacity of 200,000 tons annually, girders with the capacity of 500,000 tons, steel hasp with the capacity of 20,000 tons and liquid oxygen and nitrogen amounting to 110 and 150 square meters per hour in Yazd province.