Crediting in Rials in Domestic Branches in Iran and Withdrawing Foreign Currencies in Overseas Branches of BSI

Crediting your or a third party's account in one of the overseas branches in Rials through one of the domestic branches of BSI is another available service in BSI.
This service is currently available in some overseas branches, namely, Bank Saderat Al-Maktom, Bank Saderat Morshid Bazar (Dubai), Bank Saderat PLC (London) and Bank Saderat (Frankfurt).
'BSI branches in foreign countries are ready to provide such services at the request of customers.
The SEPEHR account numbers of the above-mentioned branches are with the central branch (No.3046) in Tehran, so customers can credit in cash from any branch of BSI in Rials and withdraw the equivalent amount (in foreign currencies) from overseas branches of BSI without any charges.

Important notes to be considered:
beneficiary of the transfer in overseas branches of BSI should be specified, so that by presenting his ID card the related order for exchange or withdraw becomes possible.
the sender of the transfer should be clearly specified.
'The above mentioned services are available within two working days from the request date.
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