FX Buying and Selling Services

Buying and selling banknotes maximum to use $5000 or the equivalent in hard currencies is permitted; excess to the above-mentioned ceiling is only permitted by observing anti-money laundering regulations. There is no limitation for purchase of collectable transferred foreign currencies such as FX transfers, traveler’s cheques, declarations and the balance of FX accounts. In addition to commercial FX currencies, the selling of FX currencies has no limitation for the following usages :travels, treatment, residency, travel and marketing costs, expenses of educational courses inside and outside of the country, membership and registration fee in the international societies, expenses of taking educational and specialized examinations, scholarship fee, foreign exhibitions participation fee, purchase of tender documents. Selling of FX currency at an agreed rate, without limitation, at the request of the customer is also possible only by presentation of the customer’s application form by one of BSI FX branches to BSI Kish branch.