IRR Guarantee

Notes for Applicants Regarding Issuance of L/G:
1- Applicant should have an active current account with banks.
2- Issuing IR.R L/G in favor of governmental institution is possible and L/G doesn't issue in favor of individuals.
3- L/G doesn't issue for taking loan or credit from other institutions.
4-Paying in cash for some percentage of L/G amount according bank’s circular is obligatory.
    IRR L/G  issued by Bank Saderat Iran are as follows:
1-    tender (bid )bond guarantee
2-    performance bond guarantee
3-    advance payment guarantee
4-    retention money guarantee
5-    release customs guarantee
6-    temporary arrival guarantee
7-    obligation debt guarantee

Performance Procedures and Necessary Documents:
1- Present application form of guarantee including information about record and field of activity, amount, kind, term and beneficiary of L/G
 2- Article of association, memorandum of association declaration of companies registration, establishment notice and all of notices about changes inserted in official journal the last general assembly.
3- Copy and original of valid trade card.
4- Identity card's  copy of company's managers and /or individuals (applicant of L/G).
5- Financial statements pertaining to the last two years (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, the last trial balance)
6- Copy and original of utilization license for manufacturing companies.
7- Copy and original of rental agreement or ownership document of trade place.
8- Written announcement of facilities and received L/Gs amount by banking system for all banks separately  and declaration of current debt amount and their maturities.
 9- Written request of  beneficiary about temporary arrival, obligation debt and customs guarantees.
10- Underlying contract with beneficiary about performance bond, advance payment and retention money guarantees.
11- Documents related to tender bid (bond) about tender bid (bond) guarantees.