Issuance of Balance for Embassies

This certification is issued for the individuals or legal entities that have F.X/Rial account in one of the branches of the bank and would like to submit it to the embassies or Foreign Ministry to apply for the visa of foreign countries.

Required Documents:
possessing a Rial/F.X account in one of the branches of BSI
valid passport
if joint Rial/F.X accounts are concerned, the above mentioned documents are a must for all the account owners.

the applicant may refer to the branch in which he/she holds a Rial/F.X. account and submit his/her application for the balance certification.

a letter of acknowledgement will be sent from the branch to the foreign department in which details of the account and account owner are certified by the related branch authorities.
the customer may refer to the Office Section of Foreign Department of BSI or fax the application form through the branch for the subsequent actions.
the Foreign Department of BSI translates the confirmation of the account balance and submits it to the customer to provide the embassy or Foreign Ministry with.

All these services are available at the request of customers.